50L Foam Stored Pressure Trolley Fire Extinguisher

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Foam Stored Pressure Trolley Fire Extinguisher are suitable for use on Class B fires involving flammable liquids such as paint, oil and petrol. It can be also used on Class A fires. The foam forms a blanket over the burning liquid and seals it from oxygen thus eliminates burning and re-ignition. This range offers a combination of fire performance and ease of service. 

The trolley unit can be operated by one person and suitable for areas with high risk fire such as industrial facilities. The cylinders are deep drawn from cold rolled steel with hot forged brass operating valve fitted with pressure indicator. Coated with epoxy powder, the cylinder offers high corrosion resistance. Designed to EN 1866 requirement, and manufactured to our ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Stored pressure type comes with 5M hose & Nozzle

Test Standard:              EN 1866
Propellent:                    N2
Discharge Time:           ≥ 30 Seconds
Height:                         1080mm
Width:                          450mm
Depth:                          435mm
Approx Total Weight:   85.0kg
Operate Temperature: +5°C – +60°C
Working Pressure:       15 Bar
Test Pressure:              30 Bar
Fire Rating:                   A IIB

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