Smoke Detector (1 Year)

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Battery Operated, Photoelectric Smoke Alarm
Our Smoke Detector is meant to detect thick smoke. Thus, it is not highly sensitive to detect cigarette smoke. This product is also known as the Home Fire Alarm Device (HFAD) which was made mandatory to be installed in new homes from June 2018 under the new Fire Code. It is also suitable for use at offices, and places that require a Smoke Alarm.

Key Features
- CE / GS Certified
- Tested following ISO/DIS 12239; PrEN 54-7:1994
- Battery Included (DC 9 volt)
- Early warning system
- Economically priced & User Friendly
- Automatically sends low battery signal
- Easy to test; just press the test button

Weight: 0.24kg


  • Install smoke alarms near bedrooms - high on a wall or ceiling
  • Do not install smoke alarms near air vents
  • Do not install on the ceiling directly above frying pans in the kitchen
  • Test smoke alarms at least once a month to ensure they work

If you want to ensure proper protection against accidental fires, a smoke detector is exactly what you need. A smoke detector is a specially designed system that triggers an alarm once smoke accumulates inside a room.

Today, smoke detectors are a must for businesses. They are installed in many homes to alert people when their property catches fire. Emergency services can be alerted within a short time frame, and your home or business can be saved from perishing in flames, provided that you have such a simple device installed on the premises.

Type of Smoke Detector - Local only

Fire Guard's smoke detector operates on battery. A sensor is placed inside a case and when this sensor detects smoke, it triggers an alarm. Smoke is a gas and the sensor is specially designed to detect it; once you hear the alarm going off, you can call 995 or your local emergency service if it is not in your power to stop the fire.

A reliable fire extinguisher can help you take out the fire on your own. However, it is always advisable to call the emergency line and run to safety.

Smoke Detectors Suitable for Home and Commercial Use

Electrical systems, flammable materials, faulty equipment and many others can become sources of accidental fires. Especially for businesses that operate in commercial buildings, it is very important to have smoke detectors installed in all important areas, to detect a fire as soon as it breaks out. Business owners also need to control their smoke detectors to see if they are in good working order. High quality Smoke Detector like the one from Fire Guard is recommended, and you will not have to make a new investment every year.

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