Fire Rated Glass Door Singapore

Fire rated glass is made of high temperature resistance glass bonded with special resin against impact and cutting injuries. It helps with compartmentation where flames and smoke are kept from spreading to another room. Such glass restricts the damage caused by fire to a limited section.

Our fire resistant glass system are meant to withstand fire for 1 to 4 hours. It complies with Singapore’s bye-law and regulations stipulated under the local code of Fire Precaution for Buildings.

Types of Fire Resistant Glass Screen and Glass Door

Framed Fire Resistance Glass Screen and Door

  • Available up to 4 hours

Frameless Fire Resistant Glass Screen

  • Available up to 1 hour

Horizontal Fire Rated Glass Screen

  • Available up to 2 hours

Compliance with Bye Law and Regulations

Mechanical Strength

FSB / PSB requirement is that Fire Rated Glass must be capable of withstanding impact of 600N force

  • BS 6206 Class A – Resistance to penetration due to impact
  • AS 2208 – Resistance against shattering

Fire Resistance Requirement

  • BS 476 Pt 20 – 23 for stability, integrity and insulation against heat radiation
  • SS 332 : 2007 for Fire Resistant Door

Installation Requirement

Code of Fire Precautions requires that the fire rated glass system be assessed on a case to case basis for its suitability and acceptability to specify occupancy purpose.

Fire Rated Glass Finishes

  • Aluminium Capping
  • Timber Veneer
  • Stainless Steel & More

Fire Guard Consultancy

Our fire resistant glass system is supplied with full consultancy on its design, manufacturing and application to suit design and regulatory requirement. Our consultancy covers:

  • Product Approval
  • Specific application for building plan approval
  • Certificate of statutory completion

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