Fire Suppression System in Singapore

Fire protection system is used to stop the spread of fire to other parts of your premise or building. It is specially important to have the fire suppression system in place if you are involved in business activities that has a high risk of fire.

Fire Guard is a fire protection company that offers a SETSCO-certified, engineered wet chemical fire suppression system to put out the fire automatically or when the operator manually activates the system using a pull lever.

Our wet chemical system will be linked to the building or crew alarm control panel and the automatic gas shut-off valve which is also known as the mechanical ventilator when it is installed.

Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression System

The automatic fire detection and suppression system caters to the needs of both small and large commercial enterprises, from kitchens to cellular transmission stations. The heat detectors are triggered only during fire where there is high heat. Fire sprinklers are strategically placed to offer maximum coverage of all installations. The simple and easy-to-maintain system is attractively styled and will not disrupt your working area.

This wet chemical fire suppression system is suitable for use in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, airports, and other similar facilities. A sample kitchen hood system design:

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System

One of the very common areas of usage of such system is at the kitchen. When providing us with information of your kitchen, we will need to know the following:

  • Kitchen hood size (width x length)
  • Size of the duct
  • Types of cooking equipment below the hood (kitchen equipment layout)

The above info will allow us know to how big a cylinder is required and the piping layout for you.

Boats Fire Suppression System (Marine)

Another common area of usage is in a boat, yacht or anywhere marine. We are able to provide the system and conduct maintenance to ensure that the system is in working order.

Authorised Installer & SCDF Approval

We will provide a CAD drawing and calculation before the installation is conducted. After it has been installed by authorised personnel from Fire Guard, you can submit the documents to your QP or inspector. Your QP will then use our drawing to apply for SCDF approval.

FM200 Fire Suppression System

If you are dealing with large data services and telecommunication equipment, you will be looking at a FM 200 fire suppression system. The FM 200 is an engineered system that utilizes a fixed nozzle agent distribution network for your facilities.

Maintenance and Servicing of the Fire Suppression System

It is important to maintain your fire suppression system to ensure that it is in working order when needed in emergencies. We provide maintenance of your system.

Difference Between Kitchen Fire Suppression System and Fm200

The kitchen hood suppression system utilises wet chemical to extinguisher the fire, while the FM 200 fire suppression system utilises a synthetic or chemical fire suppression gas. It extinguishes a fire by removing the heat elements from the fire triangle (oxygen, heat and fuel).

Why Fire Guard?

Our prices are competitive and we ensure that your entire process from quotation stage to installation and completion is done promptly and professionally. To get started, send us your floor plan and information on your fire safety needs. Get a quote from us now!