FM200 Fire Suppression System

If your company is dealing with large data servers and telecommunication equipment, the FM200 system is suitable for your business fire safety needs. FM200 is also commonly used onboard yachts and ships. Fire Guard offers an engineered system that utilizes a fixed nozzle agent distribution network for your facilities.

How Does FM200 System Work?

The FM200 system, which chemical name is Heptafluoropropane (HFC227ea), works through reducing oxygen in the area which is achieved by the inert gas fire suppression system.

It is a colourless, waterless and gaseous halocarbon fire protection system and is discharged into the area of risk within 10 seconds. The clean agent then suppresses the fire immediately when a concentration of 6.25% to 9% is released.

This fire suppression system will not leave any residue and is cleared through ventilation. It is ideal for your facilities since no clean up is required.

FM200 Maintenance

It is important to maintain your FM200 system to ensure that it works properly when needed during emergencies. We provide fm200 servicing.

FM200 Servicing for Yacht 

Why Fire Guard?

Our prices are competitive and we ensure that installation is done promptly and professionally. To get started, send us your floor plan and information on your fire safety needs. Get a quote from us now!