FSSD Singapore

FSSD Submission

Fire Guard provides FSSD Submission of Fire Safety Plan for businesses or for anyone who has proposed fire safety works. Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) sets, maintains and enforce a high standard of fire safety to ensure a safe and secure work place in Singapore.

When Will You Require A Fire Safety Plan Approval?

Businesses who wants to carry out any proposed fire safety works in any building will need to apply according to the Fire Safety Act to the FSSD (Fire Safety and Shelter Department) for approval of the plans. Only Qualified Persons who are registered architects and professional engineers will be able to prepare your submission.

Why Fire Guard?

We take pride in providing professional and reliable service. Our QPs have years of experience in the industry. This means that your business’ proposed alterations works will comply to the latest Singapore standards code of practice.

Time is of essence. Thus, we get your FSSD submission ready and submitted on time which leaves you one less headache while you focus on the operations of your business.

To get started, send us your floor plan and information of your works that you intend to do. Get a quote from us now!