Fire Protection Company in Singapore

Why Us?

As a Fire Protection Company in Singapore, Fire Guard was founded to provide fire safety defensive measures and quality equipment to our dear business partners and consumers, giving you a better chance at fighting and preventing deadly fires.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help our consumers understand the importance of fire safety, to deliver practical and effective solutions, prevent and reduce a fire breakout while minimizing or eliminating the casualty counts in your home or building.

What We Offer You

We offer you first-grade fire safety equipment ranging from Fire extinguishers for fighting fires to Smoke Detectors for early detection of Smoke from fires and lots more!

Why Get a Fire Extinguisher

A Fire Extinguisher is an important safety tool to have in your building and household. Of course the main reason would be to put out fires. But that’s not the only reason to purchase this important piece of cylinder filled with dry powder or so. Fire Extinguishers have been known to save lives and to limit damage to your valuable assets. They are a very useful tool to have around areas prone to catching fire and are very effective against certain fire types.

We would like to share our knowledge on the different types of Fires and how to counter these types. Feel free to look through the Classes of Fires you may be up against in Singapore.