50L Foam Wheeled Marine Fire Extinguisher

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50L AFFF Foam Fire Extinguisher 

Report for conformity according to standard EN 1866-1:2008 nr. 1251-2009

Approved by CSI certified MED nr. MED/0497/139/09 DD 31/08/2009

According to Directive 96/98/EC, EN 1866 and with CE-mark

Manufactured according to Directive 96/98/EC (MED) with modules B and D. As with portable extinguishers, wheeled units also have to comply with high standards to ensure their extinguishing capability (fire rating), quality and reliability.

The wheeled units also carry the CE mark so the range can boast three quality guarantees:a.b.s. (ISO 9001), compliance with EN 1866 and the CE mark. The standard EN1866 defines important minimum levels of pressure retention, corrosion protection, operating temperatures, and fire rating.

Technical Characteristics

Wheeled extinguishers are designed for professional use under severe circumstances, resulting in a high-level quality and easy to use extinguisher. The heart of the wheeled foam extinguisher is the steel foam tank painted inside with CE approval.

Ease of mobility is achieved as a result of the large wheels with solid rubber tires and push bar also ensuring good stability during operation.

Discharge Device

Equipped with a highly flexible 5m hose made of EPDM rubber with an excellent resistance manufactured from selected synthetic materials complete with a pistol. The specially designed ergonomic patented foam nozzle ensures a steady flow of foam with a very low drop in pressure.

Extinguishing Agent

Sealfire® Super concentrate is the most powerful product registered by a.b.s. s.r.l. formulated for fire extinguishers. It is an additive AFFF based, specially formulated for best sealing effects.

Advantages Of Wheeled Foam Extinguishers

• Very mobile and easy to operate
• Excellent quality, therefore a long operational lifetime
• Good ergonomy, easy to drive
• Extremely high ratings on A, B fires
(solid combustibles, liquid fuels)
• Can be used at low temperatures (+0°C)
On request -30°C or -20°C
• Easy to service
• First in Europe in accordance with the new EN 1866 standards
• With CE approval
• Other Foam types available

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