Extinguisher Stand with Signage

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Material: Mild Steel 

Max Fire Extinguisher Size: 12KG Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

Hanging Height: 75cm

Total Height: 131cm

*Singapore Standard states that the Maximum height from extinguisher handle to ground is 1M for extinguishers that have a gross weight above 4KG.

What you see here is the new portable and easily visible fire extinguisher stand. Equipped together with an extinguisher signage, it makes finding fire extinguishers easier and very convenient to and from a far distance. It provides an alternative to deploy your fire extinguishers without mounting brackets and fire extinguisher boxes on wall surfaces that are prone to crack.

According to the Singapore standards, the maximum height for extinguisher handle to ground has to be 1M for extinguishers that have a gross weight above 4kg.

These fire extinguisher stands must be placed according to the fire safety planning of the area/building and must not be blocked.

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