A-Frame Fire Hose Reel Signage

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  • Material: Plastic 
  • Highly resistant to weather elements
  • Very visible due to its shape
  • The pictograms are made according to Singapore Standard 508

- PVC Material

- 300mm X 150mm

Why Safety Signs are Used?

To ensure a safe and good practice, it is necessary to spread the information on how and why safety signs are used. Safety signage is used in places where potential hazards may take place. These signs carry a lot of meaning and sometimes indicate what sort of actions must be taken.

Fire Hose Reel & Signage

Fire hose reels are very common firefighting instrument and are generally found in every large building, industries, offices, construction sites and petrol station. Fire hose reel system consists of a pump, water, and hose. These are located in strategic positions from which those can be accessed and used easily during a fire.

These systems are operated manually. For the water to flow, a valve is turned and the pressure loss pump is activated which in turn releases a high pressure water jet. Signage’s are usually placed atop the hose reel cabinet to indicate its location clearly.

Importance and Meanings of Fire Hose Reel Signage

Fire hose reel signage is useful for those who do not know the location of the hose. The color used for these safety signs are same throughout the world. Usually, there are four colors for delineating four different scenarios and situations. Red illustrates potential and immediate danger/ fire safety equipment. Yellow is for warning and for taking precautionary steps. Mandatory instructions are illustrated by blue signs. They are often accompanied by yellow or red colored signage.

Green codes and signs are used for indicating safe environment. Most of the hose reel signage’s are red in color with white writings or signs. These signage’s are usually placed near the hose emplacement to indicate the position clearly from all sides.

Acrylic painting and polypropylene are used mostly for this signage. The dimension of the signage varies. The thickness, length, width all depends on where they are going to be used.

Signage must be Highly Visible

Fire hose reel signage’s are used display the location of hoses nearby for use during fires. Most people cannot think and react wisely during a fire or hazardous event. The presence of this signs will remind them about what to do and where to look for the right instrument.

It has been proved that by using proper signage in the workplace and potential hazardous places, the number of accidents and loss during an unwanted incident can be reduced significantly. It is advisable to use these signs in a place where it can be seen easily. Also, employees or workers who are working at highly fire-prone places must attend fire safety training for a better understanding.  

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