Fire Hose Reel

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Fire Hose Reel 25 mm by 30 meters

It is approved for use in Singapore, complying with Singapore Standard 575 : 2012.

The double 180 rotating hinge allows maximum movement of the fire hose reel without restricting fire fighting ability. Installation In accordance to Singapore Fire Code, Fire Hose Reels shall be sited within 5m from the exit door but not inside the staircase. They can cover an area up to 36m in radius. Fire hose reels located in a room cannot cover areas outside of the room.

Technical Specifications

Standard:                                           EN 671 - 1 : 2012
Hose Diameter:                                 25 mm
Hose Length:                                     30 meters
Distance Distance:                            > 6 meters
Max Working Pressure:                    1.2 MPA
Plate Material:                                   Steel
Nozzle:                                               Steel
Weight:                                               22.75KG

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