6 Litre Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

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Suitable for Classes of Fire: A & F

Approvals: SETSCO SCDF Approved & BS EN3 KM569890

If you are in the food industry and are operating in an environment such as the central kitchen, you will definitely need to be equipped with a Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher. Fires in such environments usually involve cooking of oil, fats, butter, lard (Class F) and the Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher is the most suitable agent to manage such firespans.

Ensure that this wet chemical extinguisher is placed near to the work area.

It has been tested and is highly effective in putting out these deep fat cooking flames. Class F fires can also be known as Class K fires (where K stands for Kitchen fire).

At the same time, this fire extinguisher can be used for Class fire. However, it is important not to replace your Wet Chemical fire extinguisher with other extinguishers (e.g. ABC Dry Powder, CO2) as they are not capable of managing and cooling high temperatures (e.g. as high as over 300 degrees) burning oil or fats.

To prevent splashing of the oil, this fire extinguisher is equipped with an applicator lance that provides a degree of safety to the person operating the extinguisher.

Extinguishing Agent
Wet Chemical Foam
Cylinder Diameter
Extinguisher Height
Total Height (Incl Hose)
Approx Total Weight
Operating Temperature
5°C to 60°C
Working Pressure
15 BAR
Test Pressure
27 BAR
Fire Rating
13A 75F

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