12KG Powder Class D Fire Extinguisher

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Class D fire extinguisher contains D Favorit M, an effective special fire extinguisher powder which is suitable for Class D metal fires.

The powder extinguishes metal fires by fusing the powder to form a crust, which then excludes oxygen from the surface of the molten metal.

The unique lance applicator design allows powder to fall gently over the fire to prevent burning material from spreading.

Suitable for Classes of Fire: D

Approvals: SETSCO SCDF Approved

Sodium Chloride Base, treated with flow and moisture repellent additives.

  • Fights against alkali metals (lithium, potassium and sodium fires
  • Fights against light metals (aluminium, magnesium and their alloys)
  • Suitable for Lithium fires too


Extinguishing Agent:                          Powder D Favorit M
Propellant:                                           Nitrogen or Dry Air
Nominal Charge:                                 12KG
Discharge Time:                                  25 seconds
Operating Pressure:                           10 Bar at 20 Degree Celcius
Test Pressure According 97/23/EC: 26 Bar
Burst Pressure:                                   >55 Bar
Temperature Range:                          -30°C +60°C


Diameter: 190mm
Height:      660mm
Width:       310mm
Weight:     17.9kg


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